Browse Items (39 total) PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_019.jpg
Article about the recovery of Lady Szechényi, Gladys Vanderbilts lost jewels PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_015.jpg
Escape of the American delegation in Norway after the invasion of Norway by German troops on April 9, 1940. PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_011.jpg
Article about the annual meeting of the Bridgeport Hungarian Society PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_002.jpg
War time article about food aid to occupied territories PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_021.jpg
Mussolini's big question PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_019.jpg
Cartoon on the occasion of the screening of Chaplin's film te "Dictator" at the Astor theather PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_018.jpg
Blind charge (Japan being fired from a canon) PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_015.jpg
US mobilized and introduces conscription PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_014.jpg
King Carol of Romania on the surgery table PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_013.jpg
Hitler with a cast resembling Italian peninsula PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_012.jpg
Hitler with Globe resembling skull PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_011.jpg
Staling on train faced by Mt America and Mt Britain PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_010.jpg
Hitler bombing neutral ships PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Cartoons_009.jpg
Napoleon shouting out lost battles
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