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The Passport was used during the trip of the two sisters home to Hungary in 1937. (Note the restriction that the "passport was not valid for travel in SPAIN" due to the ongoing civil war). They travelled by ship to Hamburg, (nazi) Germany and arrived…

Boarding the ship going to Hungary. PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_002.jpg
War time article about food aid to occupied territories PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_011.jpg
Article about the annual meeting of the Bridgeport Hungarian Society PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_015.jpg
Escape of the American delegation in Norway after the invasion of Norway by German troops on April 9, 1940. PAPERS/AHL_AMN/AHL_CONTR_AMN_Articles_019.jpg
Article about the recovery of Lady Szechényi, Gladys Vanderbilts lost jewels

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