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BW_1987-88-Magyar Korny_151.tif
The Hungarian Meat Market in Yorkville. Sign on the side says: "Valódi Magyar Hentes" (genuine Hungarian butcher) and on the front: "YORKVILLE *ACK[IN]G HOUSE INC. B***E & SONS S[A]LAMI CORP."1560 Second Avenue, Yorkville, New York City.


BW_1987-88-Magyar Korny_148.tif
Window-shop of 'Tibor Hentes - Specialities Pork Store', a Hungarian butcher in the Hungarian neighborhood in Yorkville somewhere on Second Avenue.

BW_1987-88-Magyar Korny_158.tif
Püski könyvesbolt és kiadó: Hungarian bookstore and publisher on East 82nd Street on the corner with Second Avenue. Closed in 1998.
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